I’m currently Mad. 

I believe this is a great first post for this new blog. I am mad and sad and the moment. I hope when I share this one of you (if any of you were to see this) can relate.

I have returned from my trip from New York and I had brought my mom a new Bible. With this gift me and my sisters got new Bibles and we are to use them at the regional assembly this weekend. I was quite excited. We all have new clean Bibles to use for when we go. Well I’m showing my mom my gift I got her and a friend is there and while the friend steps out the room my mom want to give the gift I got for her and give it to this friend. And I get mad and she doesn’t understand. I had purposely gotten this gift for her and she goes and wants to give it away like if it was a flyer. Along with this I’m mad and sad cause I’m a bipolar soul and I go mad and sad easily so now I’m mad and sad over the fact that I got mad and sad so fast. So this is it. If someone if to see this blog post have a good day. Also, I’m new to this so, Hello, My name is Eileen. This is a very short blog post because I am new to this. Whoever you are, please make sure your day is pleasant and remember you are a ever so exalted person.


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