About my raggedy self

Hello. My name Is Eileen, and I only share my first name in fear of the Internet. I’m a human with only 15 years living on this beautiful planet. So in other words I’m a teenager. I’d like to consider one like myself average. I’m not going to go out on the limb and say I’m not your average teenager, because I am a average teenager. I have no special qualities that make me different so yeah. If I come off annoying please forgive. I try not to be annoying but sometimes it grates off my skin. 

Hope you somehow enjoy my blog post, and I also hope you enjoy your Beautiful life. 

Before I go here’s a list of things I like

Pens, Paper, Notebooks, Office Supplies, Generally all music that is pretty, Cats, Myself, My phone, Pillow pets and calendars 

Here’s a list of some things I dislike so much. 

Travling, showers, the beeping sound a car makes when you open the door and the keys are still in the key hole, hair spray, oil changing stations. 


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